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This product is wonderful and I am so happy to be able to provide it to crafters in the United States! 


This giant bobbin of original Zpagetti T-yarn contains 120 meters. Each bobbin knits/crochets approximately 50x50cm. (This for example is the medium sized Zpagetti bag.) The size of this Zpagetti bobbin is 14x14cm. The exact weight generally depends on the type of textile but is generally around 850g. The more elastic the yarn, the heavier the weight of the bobbins. 


Zpagetti is the original T-shirt yarn of superior quality recyced textile salvedges and remnants. It's hand picked and selected by our production center in Portugal. This way we have full control on the worker's conditions and standards. Hooked Zpagetti textile yarn is fully recycled materials from the European fashion industry. 


Hooked Zpagetti textiles meet the European REACH standards for the safety of dying chemicals. The composition of most of our Zpagetti yarn is cotton with a small percentage of elastane. 

Hoooked Zpagetti Yarn - Various Colors

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